30 November 2008

saye mula sukakan die..


...this is RAFAEL...

 Rafael was born in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, and is very much a modern full-back; he loves to get forward down the right flank - but he's not all just Brazilian flair, he's made of tough stuff.

For some time fans have been aware of the "Brazilian Nevilles" as some have dubbed them, but it wasn't until 4 August 2008 that United supporters could experience the shining potential that these boys possess.

Rafael, who like his twin brother is a Brazilian youth international, was a somewhat surprise inclusion in the Reds' starting line-up against Peterborough in Barry Fry's testimonial

match at Posh's London Road ground. Talk about taking your chance when it comes. Sir Alex described the 18-year-old's performance as "a sensation".

Finally, it was the end of one long journey from his former Brazilian club Fluminense, and the start of a new one with United.

What made Rafael's debut all the more startling was that he hadn't played for over a year. The Reds had been waiting for international clearance on the pair's transfer from Brazil, so they had been unable to play for United during that time and, in fact, didn't play any regular competitive football.

p/s : aku punye suke la nak suke pasukan mane..and aku punye suke gak nak suke sape..haha pade yang tak puas hati or berkenan boleh la tinggalkan page ini dengan serta merta thank you :)

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nIeYsA said...

minat man u ek????
same la kita...

Anonymous said...

yeah babe

hadio69 said...

xmnat2 hahaha
pdn mke CR td lalala

mYshah said...

iskh333 rasenye CR lebih wajar diminati berbanding rafeal tu... bak kate sorg kawan pomp shah, "iskh aku minat btol la kat kaki si CR tu" lol~ kaki je? ^^

Jard The Great said...

Man U best! hehe

hadio69 said...

mke hero never back down ad iras CR.. bek korg mnat die.. xyh la mnat CR hahaha

i said...

frank lampard is the best

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

makinghero : thank you..link urs :)

Mohd Nasri Md. Nasir said...

perghh peminat mu jgk..
bagus2 dh sme ni..haha
mlm ni tgk mu main...kul 3 pg..
snggup? haha

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