03 September 2008

Tag by sis ann

-Add your site(s) to the list if you’re a proud Malaysian Blogger!

2-Pass this tag to as many Malaysian Blogger as you know, or if you’re interested but nobody tags you, just include yourself volunteered. Show some patriotism!

3-Once you’ve done posting this tag, leave a comment HERE! and you will be visited by a Malaysian local fruit, Mangosteen by the name of Mango! and added to the Master List.

4-Update list regularly to ensure every Malaysian Blogger gets equal link benefit.I am a proud Malaysian blogger :

1. mangosteenskin - Saya anak Malaysia!

2. Life is too short to be ordinary - Malaysia Tanahair ku!

3. Sha’s Love & Passion - Aku Anak Merdeka

4. A room of crazy scrapper - Merdeka!Merdeka! Merdeka?

5. Fliffy - Aku Patriotik, Sayang Malaysia !

6. Rizal- Malaysia Ohh Tanahairku!!l

7. haniz - Merdeka Forever!

8. Prozak Nation

9. CarolPinky - Proud Malaysian!

10. Mariuca - I heart Malaysia!

11. Emila’s Illustrated Blog - Saya Anak Malaysia juga

12. Simple Life - Sam - Saya Anak Malaysia

13. Shemah’s My Sweet Escape - Live, Enjoy and Love.. MALAYSIA!

14. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery - Made in Malaysia!

15. Yani-Tennitodoku-Proud to be a Malaysian-MERDEKA!!

16. Me,HubbyNKids-Hidup Malaysia !!

17. In Person..Zahiela Online- M.E.R.D.E.K.A!!!

18. sweet life of ladyell-Selamatkn keMERDEKAan Malaysia..AllahuAkbar!

19. Ayu ~ the innertots - Made in Malaysia! Born in Malaysia! Raised in Malaysia! Proud to be Malaysian!!!!

20. Eiza - Higher than mountain, Deeper than Sea - Selamat hari Merdeka ke 51!!

21. Yati- I am still here, beside you- Merdeka!Merdeka! Merdeka

22. Ann - I'm just me. Can you feel the love? - Salam & MERDEKA to everyone :)

23. Eira-my memory..my happiness and sadness- saya bangga jd anak malaysia..MERDEKA!!

Saya nak tag anak malaysia :

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